St. Joseph's Convent

Chandannagore • Estd: 1861 • ICSE and ISC Board School


St. Joseph's Convent


St. Joseph’s Convent campus

 The School motto “Pray and Work” is a driving force, which ensures complete devotion and glory to God, the source of all creative energy and power. The will to actively `work’ and make our contribution to the well – being and progress of ourselves, the society and the world. In a society that aims at Progress and security there could be no better means of success.

St. Jospeh’s Convent is an English Medium, Catholic Institution established in 1861 by the Registered Society of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in the Arch- Diocese of Kolkata. Although meant primarily for Catholic students, the school is open to all, irrespective of religion, caste or community.

St. Joseph’s Convent stands sublime on the banks of the Hooghly River in Chandannagar. Established by Mother Mericie this Convent is the `Joy and Pride’ of many. Mother Mericie, the Superior of a little group of Sisters,Sister Mectilde Louise and Sister M. St. Ignace Vaysettes, reached Chandannagar from Puducherry. on 27th August 1861.They were received by Father Barthet, the Parish Priest. Pipe water was not available, kerosene lamps and candles were used in the evening. Life was not easy. Dedicated life made them happy, work became lighter. Class rooms were prepared, a small dispensary and eight little orphan girls were taken in as mission. The local people were very happy to have the Sisters caring for them and their children.

The Chapel which is Romanesque in design, stands as firmly today as when it was erected in 1720. The beautifully carved wooden doors bear the ensign of the Capuchin order. The domed roof of the Chapel, washed and polished by annual monsoons, shines in the sunlight. It is still in an excellent condition. The massive entrance door has the date 1720 inscribed on its metal framework. The Chapel which silently stood witness to the battle of Chandannagar, teaches tolerance to the people of this place even today.

Chandannagar is a town of historical and cultural importance. St. Joseph’s Convent since 1861 has contributed its share to the well-being and progress of this picturesque town.. The treatment of love built in St. Joseph’s Convent at its inception, is a traditional gift. God’s bountiful blessings still percolate through St. Joseph’s Convent.

St Jopseph’s Convent has been on the banks of the river Hooghly for the past 150 years and is a testimony to the pioneering work in the field of of education. The building which first bore the name :St Joseph’s Convent” has now branched into buildings on every side of the campus. These buildings have been erected to accommodate the SISTER-INSTITUTIONS, viz. St.Anthony’s Secondary School, the Dispensary which in the beginning had a few beds for in-patients, St Mary’s Social Service Centre for the education of the poorest of the poor people of Chandannagar. The members of the Staff in each branch are responsible, devoted and efficient offering quality education, social services and health care to all communities.

Thus the wonderful story of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey continues here through the Sisters, the Staff and Pupils of St. Joseph’s Convent, who as in each natural family imbibe the spirit of the Cluny Family –“the never changing spirit of happiness and goodness, simplicity and kindness, which pervades the atmosphere of this old Convent even though the Sisters and Staff and pupils are ever changing.