St. Joseph's Convent

Chandannagore • Estd: 1861 • ICSE and ISC Board School



Globalisation is a system where social mobility, competition and technological services have much power. It is characterized by the globalization of trade, investment, finance, labour knowledge and technology. In this system the most striking effects are: to have, to possess, to dominate and at the same time gaining knowledge, openness and solidarity. It essentially signifies the emergence of a seamless and borderless economy. In some cases it deepens the problem of poverty, unemployment, inequalities, marginalization and exploitation.

School Objectives

Today’s world has unique challenges facing the present and the future workforce. Therefore, the students will be helped to know how globalization relates to: educational facilities, migration, development, trade, human rights, culture, energy and environment.

Action Plan

  1. Guide the students to speak for themselves, to denounce injustice, not in a spirit of vengeance but in order to change structures.
  2. Debates, Elocution, Creative Writing, Poster Making, Painting, Exhibition, etc. may be conducted in school to enlighten the students and to promote awareness.
  3. Use of modern technology to bring home the effects of globalization and the challenges they will face.
  4. Practical and project works related to globalization and environment.
  5. Regular Social Services and Charity Drives.
  6. Surveys related to terrorism, human trafficking, misuse of technology, agrarian distress and the various types of pollution in the country.