St. Joseph's Convent

Chandannagore • Estd: 1861 • ICSE and ISC Board School


Pro-Life Activities

“I came that they may have life, and have it in adundance”. (Bible: John 10:10)



Statement of Purpose

The first and fundamental step towards cultural transformation consists in forming consciences with regard to the incomparable and inviolable worth of every human being. Closely connected with the formation of consciences is the worth of education which helps individuals to be even more human, leads them evermore fully to the truth, instills in them a growing respect for life and trains them in right interpersonal relationships. Our education and information will address particularly the threat to the sanctity and respect for all human life, i.e. abortion; euthanasia; discrimination; exclusion; neglect of health; abuse of women and children; men, women and child trafficking; etc.

Our school seeks:

Action Plan

  1. Counselling
  2. Workshops on Ethics and Value Education.
  3. Video shows depicting various Pro-Life activities.
  4. Exposure programmes. E.g. Visits to Hospitals, Prisons, Old-Age Homes, Rehabilitation Centers for  Alcoholics and Drug Addicts, etc.
  5. LTS, Guiding, Community Services.
  6. Encourage and support Local Projects to help those who are ill, disabled or dying and their families.