St. Joseph's Convent

Chandannagore • Estd: 1861 • ICSE and ISC Board School


St. Joseph of Cluny

Foundress : Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey

Foundress : Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny was founded in France on 12th May 1807. Its Foundress, Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, was born on 10th November,1779 at Jallanges, near Suerre, Burgundy. Convinced of her vocation to care for the orphans and sick, Anne-Marie Javouhey set out from this day, 12th May 1807, to fulfill her mission and overcome any problems which came in her way. She was the woman, the first woman missionary, who dared: to search for God’s Will for her in the many challenges of her day; to stand as counter witness to the spirit of the age by upholding Gospel values; to believe in and risk everything in complete confidence in order to promote freedom and justice for the poorest and oppressed. She is THE WOMAN FOR TODAY!