St. Joseph's Convent

Chandannagore • Estd: 1861 • ICSE and ISC Board School




Sister Anna Maria

Dear Students,

You are unique gift of God to your parents, to our school and to the whole world. Go Almighty has a plan for you, a plan for your prosperity and not for your destruction. You must find your own unique path in life to success and fulfillment. Grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Be prepared to pay the price of greatness and achievement. Do not be afraid to go against the current. It is better to be struggling with a hard task than being complacent over a small success. Take seriously the adverse effects of modern technology. Use it for information and knowledge but do not become a victim to it. We all have one life to live. Appreciate it and live it to the full, spending it not only for oneself but also brightening the lives of others.

Education is the formation of the whole person. Let us inculcate human and social values to become agents of social transformation. It is our duty to promote a world of peace and justice in which we humans and nature can live together in harmony.

May God help us to fulfill His plans in our life as we strive together towards a better tomorrow.

God bless you all.

Sister Anna Maria